PETA has teamed up with East London-based label Black Score to create a capsule collection of T-shirts and sweats in order to keep the movement against rocking furs and killing animals in motion. “I’m really excited to be collaborating with PETA,” Simeon Farrar, the designer behind Black Score, told Vogue. “They are so passionate and proactive in the crusade against animal cruelty. Black Score is often raising the middle finger for the animal kingdom, so to do it in support of a charity like PETA is a true honor.” They take it to the extreme in their new tee collab and they could care less what we think. Check the collection below….

Peta-Blackcore-1-Vogue-10Dec14-pr_b_592x888 Peta-Blackcore-2-Vogue-10Dec14-pr_b_592x888 Peta-Blackcore-3-Vogue-10Dec14-pr_b_262x393 Peta-Blackcore-6-Vogue-10Dec14-pr_b_592x888 Peta-Blackcore-7-Vogue-10Dec14-pr_b_592x888 Peta-Blackcore-12-Vogue-10Dec14-pr_b_592x888


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