FLII PIX: Daniel Eliasson


If you know anything about this team, you know that we are huge fans of raw street photography. We decided to start featuring a few of our fav photogs in our FLII PIX section of the site. Street photography has become a “thing” now. Many amateur photogs are using their iphones and androids to capture images of people in their local cities daily. Using Instagram as a platform and gallery for fans to come and check out their work. However, very few make a real hobby of it. Meaning, very few actually invest money into this craft. For the ones who do.. we appreciate you. You’re making a commitment to deliver high quality images with state of the art equipment and software just to simply appease us.

Daniel Eliasson is from Sweden and his vice is documenting social life in urban environments. His philosophy is that street photography is all about capturing the right moment. Unknown people become extras in a beautiful documentation of the street life. Daniel feels as though you have to be quick if you want to capture the right shot. I am always ready to capture the moment, and always carry my camera with me. When I shoot street photography, I try not to think, and instead feel and predict when the next image will occur. Check Daniel’s latest work below….. leave a comment.. let us know what you think.



gatufoto_20130525-DSCF4738-Redigera-bd346629ae gatufoto_20130427-IMG_6673-Redigera-b6b7df411d




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